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Mars Needs Moms 2011 Movie Watch Online

A great family film to watch this weekend with MARS NEEDS MOMS 2011. Though this is a CGI film, it is shot using motion capture technology so the actors are not only lending their voices to their characters, they also influence the character's acting in a way. The characters were done too realistically for me and may get different reactions from its viewers. The story itself is pretty easy to comprehend based from the title only with Mars needing a "perfect" mother to copy in order to take care of their young. Apparently even with all their technological advancements, Martians are too stupid to take care of their off springs. So they took mothers from earth. And when they took Milo's mom, Milo accidentally stowed away on their spaceship but its okay since he is going to rescue his mother from Mars. He receives help from a very tech savvy Gribble, a human living underground on Mars, and a rebellious Martian Girl named Ki. All in all, it has a good story to tell and will be a hit for the kids. Mothers are in the spotlight in this film, so dads, be a gentleman and buy your wife and kids a ticket into this movie.

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