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Jane Eyre 2011 Movie Watch Online

A love story with strong morality and her own sense of responsibility is JANE EYRE. An English woman with a hard childhood experience but through it all, she persevered and lived an honest life. A life which led her to Edward Rochester as a governess teaching Adele Varens, ward and possibly the illegitimate daughter of Edward. Soon after Jane and Edward fell in love but Edward is already married. Jane has too much self respect that she would never allow herself to become a mistress. With doubts about her future with Rochester, she sneaks away and traveled for some time riding a coach but she accidentally left her belongings in it leaving her hungry, depressed and ill. Luckily, she is saved by a young minister named St John Rivers who took her to his sisters Mary and Diana who took care of her until she was healthy. After she got her strength back, she became a teacher of the local farm girls under the name Jane Elliot. But St John discovers Jane's true identity and tells him that John Eyre, Jane's Father, is the brother of St John's mother making him and his sisters Jane's cousins. St John also tells her that her father left her with twenty thousand pounds. Jane does not wants such a large amount and decides to split it between them. For some time, Jane has been working as St John's assistant and St John has proposed to her a number of times though Jane would never marry him since they do not love each other.
One faithful night, Jane hears Rochester's voice calling out to her. Jane rushes back to Rochester's home and finds it burnt down. She later finds Rochester in his other house blind and has lost his left hand after trying to save his wife who set fire to their house and eventually leaping to her doom. In the end, Jane and Edward marries with Edward's gradually returning until he fully recovers his sight in time for his first born son with Jane.

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