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World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles 2011 Movie Watch Online

For a Sci-fi Action film WORLD INVASION: BATTLE LOS ANGELES 2011 has most of the elements needed to become a blockbuster. What it does lack are better lines and better acting from its supporting casts. Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez did great in their roles thought most of the lines in the movie were just cliché. The camera work didn't help at all since most of the time it was all shaky as they try to make it feel more of a documentary. Although for a sci-fi fan it has everything that you would ask for. Scary aliens, high tech weaponry for both alien and human arsenals, and massive explosions and destruction. For the finale, how would us humans defeat a seemingly superior invading force? With the 1996 blockbuster film Independence Day as the measuring stick let's compare after watching it on theaters which film had put better thought on how to defeat the invading alien force.

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