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Limitless Watch Online

A pill that could take you to a two hour ride of your life is LIMITLESS movie to be released this March 18th. Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) a struggling writer at his wit's end after failing as a writer and being  publicly dumped by his girlfriend, when a friend offers him a mysterious pill that enhances his brain activity allowing him to recall every detail accurately but there is a price, he must continue to take the pill or his body will deteriorate. Thinking he has nothing to lose, Eddie takes the pill and voilĂ , his life takes a complete 180 turn. He finishes his book in four days and earns a ton of cash in the financial world. He moves from a loser to a winner in a matter of days, and when he thinks he finally has everything, assassins show up and pursues him for the pill. With supplies running out, he struggles to keep himself from getting killed.
This film plays greatly on the human fantasy of a secret pill that can fix all your problems in life and Robert De Niro plays his role well as the mysterious businessman interested in Eddie's abilities.

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