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Beastly (2011) Movie Watch Online

A Disney classic set in present day is BEASTLY (2011) MOVIE WATCH ONLINE. A young, rich and handsome student who belittles and treats people like crap would be a mild description for Kyle Kingson (Alex Pettyfer). But one day his antics went a little too far insulting an eccentric classmate Kendra Hilferty (Mary-Kate Olsen). To his misfortune Kendra is a practicing witch who casts a spell on him that transforms his face and body  as ugly as his inner self. He is then given one year to find someone, anyone, who would accept him for the way he is. He is then hid by his father, isolated and given a blind instructor to continue his studies while he tries to put an end to his curse. Lindy Owens (Vanessa Hudgens) is the girl barely noticed by Kyle prior to his curse. But after saving her one night from being mugged, he seemed to fall for her and tries everything, even giving her expensive gifts, to win her heart. But is he just doing this to lift the curse, or will he even succeed before the time expires making his curse permanent?

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