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Unknown (2011) Watch Online

You can Watch Unknown (2011) Movie on theaters near you in the US, a movie about identity theft or so I've heard and read, but with a twist. Set for release on February 18, 2011,  It is a thriller filled with a whole lot of mystery as a man wakes up from a comma and finds that he has been erased from the face of the earth. He no longer exists and worse, someone has taken his identity and his wife won't even acknowledge him. It's like The Net (1995) meets The Sixth Day (2000) without the cloning part. Aside from losing everything, he also finds himself being hunted by mysterious assassins. With all that it happening to him, he begins to question his past, his memories and himself. Push comes to shove, will he be able to survive or keep his sanity long enough to uncover the truth.

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