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Shelter 2010 Watch Online

Watch Shelter 2010 Movie on theaters as it is released again this year. Seeing Julianne Moore in another thriller brings back memories of Hannibal and The Forgotten and Jonathan Rhys Meyers' performance as the psychopath caps it off. The film starts off a typical start for a psycho-thriller with Moore playing as a psychiatrist in Cara Harding whose specialty is tearing down a suspect's excuse of having multiple personality disorder as a means to get a lighter sentence for a crime committed. In fact, even though she is a psychiatrist, she doesn't believe in multiple personality disorder as a real sickness but only as a lie. But this all changed when his father introduced her to a patient played by Meyers who suffers in multiple personality disorder. She, including the ones closest to her, are then thrown into countless dangers after she finds out that the personalities developed by her new patient were all murder victims.

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